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Workout Wednesday: Two Fit Moms' Energizing Yoga Sequence - Health Diet Fitness - Stylebistro

Workout Wednesdays: Two Fit Moms And of course, if you have 15 minutes foryoga before bed, fit it in. You dont need long stretches of time to make a difference in your life." Favorite pre- or post-workout snack:" Taste Nirvana Coconut Water (12 for $29). We are not big fans of coconut water, but this particular brand this website is theexception. Its incredibly deliciouswe think its like cake in a bottle." Favorite workout gear: "We love long yoga leggings ($74) that can be pulled over the heels, and loose-fitting, flowy tank tops ($25) with sports bras ($22) underneath." Gym bag beauty essential:"Theres only one product that we both carry in our bags China Gel ($21). Its a topical soothing cream thatwe rub onto our muscles after practicing yoga. The cooling sensation of the cream makes our sorebodies feel great." Go-to Exercise: Energizing Yoga-Inspired more... Sequence (10 minutes) "As busy mothers, we are on a constant quest to find just the right balance between work, family,exercise and relaxation. We understand that on some days, its just not workout possible to find a long block oftime for an extensive workout.
Full story: http://www.stylebistro.com/Health+Diet+Fitness/articles/vA-NWWasoAX/Workout+Wednesday+Two+Fit+Moms+Energizing

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